Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Milk and Honey Home

So, I became a daily reader/stalker after seeing Milk and Honey Home featured in Better Homes and Gardens. I love these ladies' style! Mixing vintage with modern, keeping a lot neutral, but knowing when to add the right amount of color. I keep going back to their portfolio for inspiration. And the more I look at their newest project, the more I love it, and it has me wanting slipcovered wingbacks!
This entry has my name written all over it!And seriously, how amazing is this?!*All pictures Milk and Honey Home. I accidently saved the thumbnails so they're really small. check out their portfolio to see more. Trust me, you Will Stalk!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Kitchen Before and After

I can't stop thinking about this kitchen re-do that Marianne Strong did for a client. Someone needs to do this! I think it would be fairly affordable and a good DIY.


A little inexpensive subway tile, paint the bottom cabinets gray, rip the top ones out and swap them for ikea shelves. Totally cute, classy, and fresh. LOVE!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Needing A Creative Outlet

So, I quit blogging, obviously. It was just too much to try and crank out 3 or more posts a week with 3 small boys. And honestly, I think I cared way too much what people thought of my posts, and I got caught up in the decorating "trends" instead of doing what felt right for the "bones" of my house and mixing what I really love together. Make any sense? Now that I've figured all that out, this time around I'm going to post when the mood strikes.

For the past, almost year (feels like FOR-EV-ER) I've been saving up for built ins for my living room. And I'm so excited to say that they'll finally be built next week. Here is my inspiration

And then I'm adding a built in desk to one of the shelves, like this.

I have a vision and I hope it comes to life the way I have it in my head. So I'll keep you posted.

PS. If you need kid friendly rugs check out Bryn's post today. I love Dash and Albert!

*All images are Pinterest but I didn't save the source :(