Friday, June 3, 2011

For Sale

Garage Sale
Saturday, June 4th 8-11am
683 S Cove Street (600 E.)

My friend and I are having a garage sale on Saturday, and we've got some quality items up for grabs. I've decided to part ways with my mid-century dresser, not because I don't LOVE it, but because it just wasn't working. If you can't make it to the sale and are interested in the dresser shoot me an e-mail.

Mid -Century Dresser $150

We'll also have lots of home decor, fabric, name brand girls and boys clothes (I'm getting rid of all my boys clothes) and women's clothes. As well as other great furniture pieces! If you're in the valley I'd love to see you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Re-Thinking the Living Room

What's the definition of insanity?...Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I have to remind myself of that every now and then. This time it was for my living room plan. I couldn't get anything to feel quite right. The big wall that my TV sits on was struggling, and it finally dawned on me to go back to what I've always wanted for the room but couldn't afford, built-ins.

This time around I'm having them bid out to see if I can, and if I can't then I might just figure out how to do it myself....scary, unrealistic? Maybe, but the non-order of this room is killing me!

I'm thinking of only going 3/4 up my wall (my ceilings are vaulted), doing a bookcase on one side, TV in the middle, and a storage bench on the other. Sounds random...but I have a plan. Here are a couple built-ins I've been gathering ideas from.

via decor pad

The other thing...I'm still saving money for a couch, so I need large bills to start growing on trees! (image Klaussner)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Few Of My Favorites

I'm constantly in awe of the talent people have. Here are a few of my favorite projects that other bloggers have been doing.

I adore Holly Mathis' style, so when she designed a room for her two little boys I was immediately drawn. Seriously....LOVE!!

This family row house from Little Glass Box has me wanting to move in. Such a great mix that works so well together!

And finally, a serene guest bedroom makeover from Loft and Cottage. Everything about it is so right!

I've officially been inspired!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Guest Post: AJ Cooper Design

Happy Monday friends!! I'm so excited to have Amanda from AJ Cooper Design here today, I really think this gal has mad skills! She is a Design Director for an Architecture firm in San Diego, as well as a design blogger. Check out her son's nursery, LOVE! In honor of sunny days, Amanda is taking design outdoors for us.

Hello, I am Amanda from A J Cooper Design and I am so pleased to be posting on my favorite outdoor spaces for Cove Street today! When Katie asked me to do a guest post I was so flattered, it's my first request and I hope you enjoy.

With the warmer weather and spring in full swing, I've been thinking a lot about outdoor living and outdoor spaces. As I looked through images of my favorite outdoor spaces, it quickly became apparent that I am a cabana girl, and let's face it, nobody does cabanas better than Kelly Wearstler.

One of my all time favorites has got to be the Viceroy Santa Monica:

There are so many great elements in this cabana: the Hollywood Regency look, the striking black/white contrast, the large romantic lanterns and the suspended mirror reflecting the pool beyond. Dinner under this canopy would truly be a night to remember.

Another favorite is also by Wearstler; the Tides Miami has a whole different look and feel but at heart it's got the same great design elements:

Although this isn't technically a cabana, it's a sheltered outdoor space that is treated as though it's a comfortable, highly stylish indoor space. The furniture is unexpected in an outdoor setting (although manufactured to withstand the elements) and the chairs, oh those gorgeous hooded chairs are like small cabanas all by them selves. The idea that outdoor furniture doesn't have to look like it's outdoor furniture is a key element here. And by no means do things have to match, this space is held together by color and texture; the back wood wall takes a traditional outdoor element and turns it into art. Absolutely stunning.

And my third favorite outdoor space is close to my heart since it's one that I worked on at the firm I work for.

This outdoor space has two areas, a dining "room" and a fire pit lounge. Once again, the furniture is not your typical patio furniture. We used the wing backs around the fire pit to create a sense of intimate space in an open setting. The "dining room" was created by walls with inset panels. I love how the panels provide dimension, interest and feel like a very graphic wall covering. The crowning element is the light fixture which was retrofitted for outdoor use.

Although each of these spaces is at a resort, the concepts can easily be applied in your own backyard.

This space (via) is a great example of an outdoor "living room".
Some of the elements working here are the use of texture and fabric to create softness (notice the drapery panels and the area rug) and of course the furniture and accessories are beautiful choices that are mixed well to create interest and harmony.

What amazing spaces, thanks Amanda! Keep up with Amanda on her blog, I know the future holds big things for her.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Madison's Allsaints Bedroom

Madison's Room

My 17 year old sister-in-law Madison, whom I love and adore, gets to re-do her bedroom and asked me to help her create a space inspired by her favorite clothing store, Allsaints.

This place has simple yet totally complicated, asymmetrical clothing in neutral colors... and Madison totally rocks it! The stores are unique and kind of vintage, they definitely have a distinct vibe. Madi wanted something old and antique but with a little bling and a fresh twist. We took Allsaints as a starting point but lightened it up and added a little color. So here we have it folks!

A few details of what we have in mind:

The wall color will be a medium charcoal w/ white trim.

We are going to use mostly all of her existing furniture, except for the new upholstered headboard in linen (or a similar look) with nail head trim. This will be a little DIY:)

Allsaints has a bunch of antique sewing machines in their store, so we will purchase some pics from etsy and frame them in gold.

One of their logos includes a ram head, which inspired an animal head above the bed. Madi ended up loving the gray deer print so to keep things consistent we'll go with a deer above the bed. Doesn't my Madison have good taste?!

Can't wait to get started and show you the results!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

$9 Capiz Shell Chandelier

Susan from Freshly Picked, and her friends, made these AMAZING capiz shell knock-off chandeliers for just 9 bones!! An old lamp shade, wax paper and a sewing machine. I'm thinkin' you get the girlfriends together and sew your little hearts out!!

Amy Furstenau (p.s. her home is dang cute!)

All I have to say about that chandelier is LOVE, like A LOT!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

7 Things

Cute Kat over at Maple Leaves and Sycamore Trees gave me the Stylish Blogger Award last week. Thanks so much for thinking of wee little me:)

So I need to tell you 7 things about myself...hmm...I'll try not to bore you...too much.

1. I have a degree in Apparel and Textiles from Utah State University. Its a fashion merchandising degree and back in the day I kind of knew what I was doing in that field. 9 years and 3 kids later, I haven't kept up with the ever changing fashion industry too much. Good thing I've got some really stylish friends to alert me of new trends:)

2. My dream job when I graduated college was to be a buyer for Nordstrom, where I had the opportunity to intern and work while in school, or to be a personal shopper. I ended up getting married the fall after I graduated and staying in our valley where I taught fashion merchandising to juniors and seniors in high school. I still love teaching!

I'm doing my dream job at this stage of my life by being a mom to my three boys. Its definitely been the most trying job I've ever had, and I struggle everyday to find a good balance, but its the best I've ever had too.

3. I love anything sweet, like love it A LOT! I have a problem. My weaknesses are cookies, cherry twizzler bites, ice cream and anything chocolate. I have a cup of hot chocolate almost every night after we put kids to bed. There's something relaxing about it to me.

4. My husband and I have moved 9 times in the 8 years we've been married (and those moves were all in the first 6 years of our marriage). Yeah, sucky! It sure does make us appreciate where we are now though, we are living in the 4th house we've owned and plan to be here FOR- EV-ER! My blog Cove Street is named after the street we live on. That's just what my neighborhood is, a little cove of about 25 lots. As cheese ball as it sounds, there's no where in the world I'd rather be than right where we are. I love our community, being close to family and friends and how beautiful it is in Cache Valley (except for this blasted snow that keeps falling, seriously so done!)

5. I'm not a good cook. I came to this realization a couple of weeks ago when I completed another failed attempt at a new recipe.

6. I am the youngest of 3 kids, I have two older brothers. Growing up I always wanted a sister, but now that I'm older my mom is one of my best friends. I'm kind of a "mom and dad's girl" (not in a clingy, pathetic way), we see them at least twice a week and I love spending time with them.

Me and my brothers, not the best picture of Chris...he usually doesn't look like this:)

7. Lastly, my dream vacation would consist of scouring flea markets and fabric stores. Anyone game?

Don't ya hate in when people just talk about themselves? Me too, sorry! Thanks for reading friends!

I am passing the Stylish Blogger Award on to Joi from Nuestra Vida Dulce. This girl is my thrifting hero! Check out her house, I want to live in her living room. And she is just as sweet as she is stylish!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Living Room Love

I'm on a mini spring break with my mom and boys, but I wanted to share a couple of living rooms that I wouldn't mind calling my own.

The various shades of blue with a hint of yellow and orange in the background, as well as the modern shaped chair, make this room feel pulled together and a hair funky.

Coastal Living via My Home Ideas

This may be a Christmas scene but I love everything about it!

My Home Ideas

Beautiful, fresh, sophisticated and comfy.


Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Textiles Thursday

I'm over at Danielle Oakey Interiors today talking about some of my favorite textiles in my home. This is such a fun series that she does every Thursday, be sure to check it out!

Entry Re-Vamp: Before and After

So after I got my new rug I decided that my entry way needed a little re-vamp.

Disclaimer: (The sconces look odd in this picture, they really do look a lot better with the space when looked at straight on...hmm... or maybe they just don't)

I lacquered the chest of drawers black, it was black before but was dull and had sanded edges.

My inspiration was this stack of old books from the thrift store, I love the color combo together and thought it would be fresh and different for me. These colors are a little (or a lot) out of my decorating comfort zone:)

I framed a piece of my favorite fabric from Calico Corners, I love the interest it gives the space.

Fresh flowers for a bit of luxury:) in my $3 Ross bowl. And a photograph of Will's baby feet that my mom took.

I also stole a mirror from my bedroom and a bird I previously had on the table to complete the look.

My boys and their friends need a place to sit while they put their shoes on and this little ottoman is the perfect spot. I painted it a Rustoleum high gloss blue, had Trevor cut a wood circle and then covered it with two layers of batting and Premier Prints black and white "chipper". Its kind of fun and definitely a statement piece. (I'm thinking I might add a couple of gold frames stacked on the wall above the ottoman)

Here is the entry way before:
A change is good every now and then:)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Two Great Resources

First off, thanks so much for your kind comments on my bench makeover. They sure put big old smiles on my face:)

I love having new websites to browse for great, affordable items for my home! Kirsten posted an awesome lamp link to Kirklands, and while I was checking out this gorgeous lamp I got sucked into the prices and cuteness of some of their items. Have I been living under a rock, or have you guys heard of this store?

$24.99 (my kind of price!)

$169.99 LOVE!

$59.98 How great is this little side table?!


I'm always in search of an inspiring pillow, something unique that calls my name, but doesn't break the bank. How does $12-$40 a pillow sound? Yes, please! Pearl's Quality Fabric Cushions on e-bay is all of those things. (I can't remember whose blog I found this link on, sorry)

$21.63 Would make a fresh spring addition!

$24.03 This is vintage goodness!

$16.82, love!

Its refreshing to see a few unique pieces!

I hope you all had a fun weekend! Wish me luck as my boys are all home for 9 days on spring break, I better start getting creative with some Easter activities.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bench Makeover

This week I took my $5 DI bench (or ottoman, whatever it is) to a new level.

Amazing the difference a little spray paint and fabric can make!

Here is the before...ouch!

Have a fabulous weekend! I can't wait to enjoy some much needed warm weather:)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tying It All Together?

I've been thinking lately about having an "anchor" piece in a room, you know, a piece of fabric or art that ties the color scheme together. Do you think its necessary?

And if you do, do you feel like its okay to add a color to a space that isn't in your "anchor" piece?

I don't see an anchor piece here and love the addition of the red (Elle Decor)

I've always used a fabric that had all the colors I wanted in a room, and I definitely think it helps a room to feel pulled together. I just can't help but think I want to mix it up this time around with my living room. Have it feel pulled together but not "matchy". So, I'm struggling with not having that piece of fabric.

The coverlet is definitely "it" here, and it doesn't feel too "put together". (Style At Home, Photo: Sue Stubbs)

The boys and I were at JoAnn's yesterday and I checked out a few fabric samples that I liked to see if I could pull something together. Keep in mind I know that the patterns are all large and random, and that isn't working, I was just grabbing colors in order to get home to meet my 1st grader:)

I love me some green, all different shades please. Too boring?

This floral is so fun, I think the colors are working, and although pink would be awesome it just doesn't feel like me.

I just put the fabrics I really liked together just to see. Not happening...

This one feels blah.

I would love to know what you guys think, does a room need something that ties all of the colors together?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tasteful Easter Decor

Is that a rude name for a post? I hope not, I just honestly don't love pastels or bunnies.

Do you decorate for Easter? I do, mostly because it puts me in the Easter/Spring mood and I think it gets my kids excited as well. I found some pretty yummy Easter decor I thought I would share to get your wheels turning on ways to dress up your house for the holiday!

Simple, beautiful.

(Martha Stewart Living)

So springish for a centerpiece!

(Better Homes and Gardens)

I've had this table in my file for awhile now, one day I will re-create it:)

(Country Living)

These felted eggs are just what I have in mind

(A Stash Toys)

All the elements of spring!

(Martha Stewart Living)

How adorable would these be for a party favor?! Monogrammed and filled with goodies!

(Country Living)

And these lovelies would be so festive for an entry table

(Martha Stewart Living)

Now if it would quit snowing maybe I could really get in the spirit:)