Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Entry Re-Vamp: Before and After

So after I got my new rug I decided that my entry way needed a little re-vamp.

Disclaimer: (The sconces look odd in this picture, they really do look a lot better with the space when looked at straight on...hmm... or maybe they just don't)

I lacquered the chest of drawers black, it was black before but was dull and had sanded edges.

My inspiration was this stack of old books from the thrift store, I love the color combo together and thought it would be fresh and different for me. These colors are a little (or a lot) out of my decorating comfort zone:)

I framed a piece of my favorite fabric from Calico Corners, I love the interest it gives the space.

Fresh flowers for a bit of luxury:) in my $3 Ross bowl. And a photograph of Will's baby feet that my mom took.

I also stole a mirror from my bedroom and a bird I previously had on the table to complete the look.

My boys and their friends need a place to sit while they put their shoes on and this little ottoman is the perfect spot. I painted it a Rustoleum high gloss blue, had Trevor cut a wood circle and then covered it with two layers of batting and Premier Prints black and white "chipper". Its kind of fun and definitely a statement piece. (I'm thinking I might add a couple of gold frames stacked on the wall above the ottoman)

Here is the entry way before:
A change is good every now and then:)


  1. I love the added color. The rug looks great and I already professed my love for that little chest--it's still so stinkin' cute and the perfect size for that spot. Lookin' good, girl!

  2. I love the framed fabric. Very nice look!

  3. Love the black dresser and the rug, it looks very inviting. I just found your blog and enjoyed poking around so I added you to my blogroll. Keep up the good work :)


  4. I love the pop of color with the bench! I think the entry table looks awesome re-painted! The framed fabric is perfect Kate. Love the whole look!

  5. It looks great. Plus, I love the pop of blue that the ottoman provides.

  6. LOVE it! What a fresh new look for your entry. I'm obsessed with that stool, and the framed textile. I love the bold pops of color :)

  7. Your entry looks great. Love a bit of black for definition in a neutral space and that blue stool adds a fun punch!

  8. where is this rug from? I'm obsessed and can't find it anywhere.