Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Fabric Finds

I headed to Salt Lake this weekend to find fabric for an entry way pillow as well as a little inspiration fabric for my living room.

Here's what I found for the entry at Calico Corners, I think it was $43.99/yd (yikes!) way out of my price range, but it ended up being 20% off and I only bought 3/4 of a yard. I figure I can just use it on the fronts and possibly get two pillows out of it. (I was still a little sick to my stomach when I left the store).

I am loving all the colors in this and it really is a great jumping off point for my living room, if I decide to go that route. I'll just use it in a pillow or two, too much might make me a hair dizzy:) Check out the rusts, greens, navy, black, red, seriously so fun!

They also had this beauty from Iman's collection. I have been kind of tired of red lately but this was to die for. The lattice is like a tomato red velvet.

Home Fabrics rarely disappoints. If you dig deep enough you can usually find a treasure at a screamin' price! I love this IKAT and think it might be just the thing to lighted up my brown leather chairs. I think it was $7.99/ yd (now that's my price range!).

They also had these fun wood grains in brown and black for about $7.99 as well. The contrast in these fabrics is so great (the background is bright white, the picture makes it look yellow), and they would be awesome in the right setting.

All in all it was a great trip! I swear I could look at fabric all day!

FYI: Home Fabrics had some killer prices on rugs if anyone is in need. Again, you kind of have to dig but there were some really good ones.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Owen's Nursery Part II

It's done! Hooray! You saw the first part of the nursery in this post, and here is the rest:)...

I have adored this PB rocking chair forever, so on the first Mother's Day that we were married (no kids mind you), Trevor found a great deal at Down East and surprised me. That was 8 years and 3 kids later and that thing is still one of my favorites. I really wanted to get a new slipcover for it, but it wasn't in my budget, so I just made sure whatever direction I went with this room, the chair would work. My existing floor lamp got a coat of white spray paint, and I added grosgrain trim to the lamp shade.

Love my floral pillow, I trimmed it with thick rick rack.

There wasn't enough room in the nursery for the armoire I usually use for clothes, burp cloths etc. so I bought some baskets for 40% off at Michael's and they work great in the changing table. I love the little bit of "natural" that they provide.

I'm not sure why, but I really wanted a tree in this space, there is something very calming about it, and I love the way it stands out against the pale blue wall.

I think this little shelf ($7.50 at Home Depot) is pretty sweet. My mom brought my boys back some seashells from vacation a couple of years ago and I just hot glued them in a shadow box and added a tag that says "Gram's Shells". My mom is a big part of my kids' life and I love having something meaningful from her in the space. That cute little elephant was $2.99 at Ross. Gotta love it:)

My mom and I (mostly my mom) sewed the drapes by piecing the two fabrics together and hemming all the way around. They are hung from clips, and that vertical stripe makes my 8 foot ceilings appear so much taller.

Here are a few pictures of O's crib and collage wall, to see the details click here:
Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend:)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top 5 Under $65

I've had dining chairs on my mind the past few days, as evidence of Monday's post. They can be so expensive, and if you're like me, you're not in the position to drop a bunch of cash on them. I found some really great options under $65 that might just be the ticket if you are in search of a new look:)

#5- (Overstock-$62.50) How awesome would this chair be spray painted kelly green, or a bright rust?

#4-Walmart- $24.50 Perfect for a round table

#3-IKEA- $49.99 I love these at each end of a rectangle table

#2-Walmart $39- This chair style is classic, but go bold and paint it turquoise or mustard, so great with a long farmhouse table

#1-Overstock-$49.50 For sure my favorite! They also comes in red and white. So easy to clean, and a great price. I want them!!

Just for fun, do you love these bar stools as much as I do? Overstock- $40!!

Blank Slate

I'm ready for a fresh start! I told you about a few of my plans for my living room, which I'm super excited about! The thing is, my living room, kitchen, and dining area are all pretty much seamless, so I obviously want it to flow. I haven't ever loved the window treatments I've had up since we moved in two years ago, so last night it was time for it all to come down. Gotta love a blank slate!

(sorry there aren't more after pictures, I apparently need to figure out how to take a good pic in the daylight)

the window above the sink got a foot taller:)

Seriously, I feel like giving a big Ahhh... when I walk in the room. It feels so much cleaner and more like "me". Weird, I know. But I am ready and excited to get going on the "hub" of our house!

Here are a few before pics:
Have a great day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

LOVE this Idea!

A Thoughtful Place featured this picture of Linda's (Restyled Home) dining area. I am loving her glossy white kitchen table paired with fun, modern chairs!

It got me thinking that a lot of us have this basic table style, why not bust out some high gloss white paint and go to town? It would be so inexpensive and give it such a fresh look.

Loving the idea of a mix of 2 chair styles. Here are some different options I found:

Chairs are from (top to bottom): IKEA, Pottery Barn, IKEA, IKEA, Target, World Market.

Can you picture this guy glossy white? I might need to try it:)

Friday, January 21, 2011

A 50 Cent Update

I told you how I'm going to be changing things up in my entry way, well I got started. The light fixture in the space is just fine, lines are simple, color works (oil rubbed bronze), but it was feeling a little outdated.

I don't love these shades anymore.

And without them you see these yellowish candlesticks. I looked for some decorative covers online and they ran about $40 for 5 of them. That idea was out, so I created my own.

I started by picking a sheet of scrapbook paper that I loved, this one is by Basic Grey and it was only 50 cents at Michael's. I wanted something subtle but I think it would look really cool to use a paper with some serious color to make the light fixture stand out.

Supplies you need are:

Piece of paper (12x12 made enough for two chandeliers)
REALLY sticky tape runner or double sided tape
paper cutter

I just measured from the base of the candlestick to the top ( depending on your fixture you might want to add about 1/8" if the paper can fit down into the base)

Cut your paper for that height and then do a few samples to get the width right. You want to make sure it overlaps enough when you wrap it around the candlestick, so that you get a good hold when you stick it. Some of mine were cut too short and a few popped off.

Once your papers are cut to size use your tape runner on the edge of one of the 'right' sides. Two lines of tape runner next to each would work best to secure it.

Wrap it around your candlestick, press the two ends firmly together for about 20-30 seconds.

And your done! This simple update is all my light needed to refresh it.

How cute would it be to spray paint your fixture white and cover the candlesticks in a punchy, fun pattern?!

p.s. I checked with our local lighting and electrical store and as long as your have no more than 40 watt bulbs in the fixture there is no fire hazard.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Glimpse of Maclaren's Nursery

When my best friend of over 20 years asked me to help her create a nursery for her baby girl, I was thrilled! We got going right away with plenty of e-mails back and forth and a trip to Salt Lake to pick out fabrics. Jill wanted a nursery that wasn't pink and that could be gender neutral. I knew just where to start.

I have loved this fabric since I was pregnant with Owen, but felt like it was a hair too feminine for his nursery. When I suggested it for Maclaren's room Jill was all over it. Hooray! It was the perfect place to start. This will be the inside of the bumper as well as an over sized floor pillow.
(Dahlia Aegean)

This is a gorgeous charcoal linen! Outside of bumper and crib skirt.
(Gray Linen)

Floor pillow, framed piece on the wall

Sheepskin Rug

Possible mobile

There is much more to this nursery that I can't wait to share with you when it's complete! Fabric is on back order:(

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Welcoming Entry Way

My new entry way rug arrived the other day, and I am loving it! My four year old refers to it as a maze:)

So, although my 'design mind' is already a million places, I've decided I want to mix up what I have in my entry and make it more of a "functional" space. Check out these amazing entries and useful ideas to making your entry function with high style.

This is the perfect example of function meets style. Love that there is a place for kids' jackets, purses, boots, etc. The bins are great for hats and gloves. What is better than the soft glow of a lamp to welcome guests in the evening? And lets just be honest, that piece of furniture is awesome!
(Apartment Therapy)

Mirrors are a great way to add light to an entry and kind of open up the space. These 6 mirrors make the space look fresh and airy and I bet you could do this fairly inexpensively as a DIY or an IKEA purchase.
(Apartment Therapy)
If you want a similar look for really inexpensive try this Malma IKEA mirror for $2.99 each.

What a great idea to use chalkboard paint in your entry. For a lot of people this is the last spot they see before entering or exiting their home, so it seems fitting to have a place for reminders and lists. Love it! Did you notice the boot tray underneath the bench? Ballard's is having a sale on theirs right now for $15, not bad. A cookie sheet would do the job just as well. I also love the 'bringing the outdoors in' feeling that the planted topiary gives the space.
(Country Living)

This one is fabulous! Very clean, and sophisticated, but welcoming at the same time. Seating is great to have in your entry to allow a spot for guests to put their shoes on. You could even sit at this console table and pay bills or write a thank you card. I'm loving anything with "X" legs these days!
(Elle Decor)

Defining your entry with a fun wallpaper or stencil is a great way to set it apart from the rest of your house. It kind of helps it to feel like its own room. I like how there isn't really one defining piece of furniture in this space but that the cabinet, storage trunks and chair all work together and are unified by white. It allows the wallpaper to be the star. And seriously, how great are those round coat hangers?!

(Apartment Therapy)

Last but not least...don't you just want to see more of this house? I think for most people our entry way is what guests see first, kind of like a first impression, we want others to feel comfortable and welcomed in our home.
(Elle Decor)

Here's to making our entries function for our needs as well as reflect our style! Wish me luck as I attempt to make mine do just that:) I'll keep you posted.