Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Fabric Finds

I headed to Salt Lake this weekend to find fabric for an entry way pillow as well as a little inspiration fabric for my living room.

Here's what I found for the entry at Calico Corners, I think it was $43.99/yd (yikes!) way out of my price range, but it ended up being 20% off and I only bought 3/4 of a yard. I figure I can just use it on the fronts and possibly get two pillows out of it. (I was still a little sick to my stomach when I left the store).

I am loving all the colors in this and it really is a great jumping off point for my living room, if I decide to go that route. I'll just use it in a pillow or two, too much might make me a hair dizzy:) Check out the rusts, greens, navy, black, red, seriously so fun!

They also had this beauty from Iman's collection. I have been kind of tired of red lately but this was to die for. The lattice is like a tomato red velvet.

Home Fabrics rarely disappoints. If you dig deep enough you can usually find a treasure at a screamin' price! I love this IKAT and think it might be just the thing to lighted up my brown leather chairs. I think it was $7.99/ yd (now that's my price range!).

They also had these fun wood grains in brown and black for about $7.99 as well. The contrast in these fabrics is so great (the background is bright white, the picture makes it look yellow), and they would be awesome in the right setting.

All in all it was a great trip! I swear I could look at fabric all day!

FYI: Home Fabrics had some killer prices on rugs if anyone is in need. Again, you kind of have to dig but there were some really good ones.


  1. rugs? did you say rugs. I am looking for a deal. Where can I find this store?

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by:) Happy to find your blog.
    I am with you- I could look at fabrics ALL DAY!!
    Have a lovely week!