Monday, January 24, 2011

LOVE this Idea!

A Thoughtful Place featured this picture of Linda's (Restyled Home) dining area. I am loving her glossy white kitchen table paired with fun, modern chairs!

It got me thinking that a lot of us have this basic table style, why not bust out some high gloss white paint and go to town? It would be so inexpensive and give it such a fresh look.

Loving the idea of a mix of 2 chair styles. Here are some different options I found:

Chairs are from (top to bottom): IKEA, Pottery Barn, IKEA, IKEA, Target, World Market.

Can you picture this guy glossy white? I might need to try it:)


  1. I love your blog Kate! I knew it was only a matter of time before you did something with your table.

  2. I love this idea too, I inherited a table like this and it's always been a little too traditional/country for my taste. Some super glossy white paint might be just what it needs. Plus, then I wouldn't have to keep trying to find a good white background for my blog photos - bonus! Please do it and post all your tips so I can do it too :)

  3. i am debating painting my table too! Let me know how yours turns out.