Friday, January 21, 2011

A 50 Cent Update

I told you how I'm going to be changing things up in my entry way, well I got started. The light fixture in the space is just fine, lines are simple, color works (oil rubbed bronze), but it was feeling a little outdated.

I don't love these shades anymore.

And without them you see these yellowish candlesticks. I looked for some decorative covers online and they ran about $40 for 5 of them. That idea was out, so I created my own.

I started by picking a sheet of scrapbook paper that I loved, this one is by Basic Grey and it was only 50 cents at Michael's. I wanted something subtle but I think it would look really cool to use a paper with some serious color to make the light fixture stand out.

Supplies you need are:

Piece of paper (12x12 made enough for two chandeliers)
REALLY sticky tape runner or double sided tape
paper cutter

I just measured from the base of the candlestick to the top ( depending on your fixture you might want to add about 1/8" if the paper can fit down into the base)

Cut your paper for that height and then do a few samples to get the width right. You want to make sure it overlaps enough when you wrap it around the candlestick, so that you get a good hold when you stick it. Some of mine were cut too short and a few popped off.

Once your papers are cut to size use your tape runner on the edge of one of the 'right' sides. Two lines of tape runner next to each would work best to secure it.

Wrap it around your candlestick, press the two ends firmly together for about 20-30 seconds.

And your done! This simple update is all my light needed to refresh it.

How cute would it be to spray paint your fixture white and cover the candlesticks in a punchy, fun pattern?!

p.s. I checked with our local lighting and electrical store and as long as your have no more than 40 watt bulbs in the fixture there is no fire hazard.

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