Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thinking Green!

As I go back and forth about what color/fabric direction to go for my living room, I keep coming back to the foundation of my house: green, black and white. Here are some of my favorite options for layering greens:

I'm pretty sure this one is calling my name!

(all of the above: Beautiful Fabric)

A little subdued.
Loving the texture and color variance of this chenille.

(Above: Fabric Guru)

An outdoor fabric that could stand up to my 3 boys!

(House Fabric)

So much fun!

(Premier Prints)

I can picture quite a few of these in my living room, especially on the charcoal grey sofa that I have my eye on:)

We're headed to Disneyland this weekend! See you back here on Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vintage Meets Modern

I mentioned yesterday how I love a room that looks put together over time. I think what draws me to those spaces is the concept of "old meets new", giving the room character and depth.

The vintage cabinets take on a whole new look, lacquer can seriously make any piece a show stopper!

(Younger and Ziskin via Decor Pad)

The contrast between the distressed table and crisp frames works wonderfully.

(Elle Decor)

Lauren Liess is one of my favorite designers/bloggers. Her style is the perfect example of vintage meets modern.

(photos by Helen Norman)

So many vintage finds on the mantle, opposite zebra benches, it totally works!


Beautiful! The touches of gold are for sure the icing on the cake.

(designer Windsor Smith via Decor Pad)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inexpensively Updating Your Home: Part I

As I've talked with several friends lately, we all have the same thing in common: Our tastes have changed since we last decorated our homes. Are you in the same boat? I'm in the process of making some updates, here are a few tips I found useful:

Switch Out Textiles- For most people textiles greatly set the tone of the home. They bring in your pattern and color. My suggestion is to take down the drapes, pillows, comforters, etc. that have been bugging you (this might sound like a waste, but sell them on craigslist or a garage sale, you might be tired of them, but chances are they'll be just what someone else was looking for. And you'll make a little $ to put toward your new items).

Window Treatments can be pricey. I love the idea of scouring your local fabric stores and the internet for under $10/yd fabric and sewing them yourself. Most windows will only require a total of 6 or 7 yards. You can really make simple panels quite easily. You can also purchase $15 drapes at Ikea and add your own details like trim or I've even wondered about stenciling them.
My favorite thing to do is look for pillow fabric. Buy a yard of something, make 2 pillows out of it and back them with something less expensive. This site is one of my favorites for trendy, inexpensive fabric. A few throw pillows go a long way!

Consider your furniture- Furniture is probably the most expensive thing to replace. Look at what you currently own in a new light. Does it have good bones? What would a little paint and some new hardware do for it?

I am in love with these night stands that Kristen transformed. Anyone of us could make that kind of change to our existing items.

Remember this kitchen table? (Restyled Home)
I'm still going to do that to this guy.

And I can't wait to show you how my computer desk is turning out!

Edit- Take a good look at the accessories in your space. How do they make you feel when you look at them? (nerdy, I know, but seriously it helps) If you absolutely love it, keep it around. If its just filling a space to fill a space, take it down. Maybe you would love it in a different room or put to a different use (and if not, sell it).

Your room might feel a little empty for awhile. Which is exactly the state my living room is in right now. But I love what one designer said, ( I think Nate Berkus), "your home should look put together over time". Take the time to put pieces in your home that you love or have special meaning to you. Don't buy, just to buy.

I hope some of these tips will be helpful. I'll do a second post on updating your home next week:)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Antique Sale

I wasn't going to head to the Antique Sale this weekend, mostly because I wanted to make sure I save my money for a couch. Good discipline, right? My friend Katie tempted me to go with her and I'm so glad I did, mostly because catching up with her was beyond fun! The antique sale however....not as great. Because I'd never been to this particular sale before I was a little shocked at some of the price tags, a lot of my shock could have very well been because I don't know a lot about collectibles.

This little mustard frame had so much character to it, but the $58 price tag was a little hard to swallow.

Such fun, fresh colors to inspire a kitchen!

How adorable would this quilt be worked into a little girl's room?

The colors in these books screamed nursery or vintage meets modern kids' room. When the guy told me they were $35, I said, "For the set?" That's when he and a guy passing by had a good laugh at me. "You can have the set for $200," he says. "Oh, ok".....we moved onto the next booth. See, I guess I just don't know the value of stuff. I am however, an avid Pawn Stars and American Pickers watcher:)

This footstool was killin' us with its cuteness, and the whole booth had great finds at awesome prices. Not to mention the people running it were darling!($20!, wish I had somewhere for it)

Anyone ever heard of Vaseline Glass? Apparently it glows with a black light behind it...they even had music playing in the booth to set the mood:)

Needless to say, I was able to save my couch money and not make any purchases:) Hope you are enjoying your President's Day, ours is filled with snow!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Still Diggin' the Cube

I don't know what it is but I really want a cube in my living room. I just think they are kind of classy, but fun and modern all at the same time. And they aren't your typical coffee table.

I am in love with this living room! First of all, if I were gutsy I would do an awesome colored couch like that. Second of all, the contrast between the white chair and green couch, perfection. Third, I always thought I needed two cubes, not anymore, this beauty speaks for itself.

(Domino via Pure Style Home)

Don't you love a room that looks effortlessly pulled together, like they put their favorite pieces in a space and it just works. That's what I hope to achieve in my new living room.

Still my favorites! Now I am picturing any one of these in front of my couch.

(Nothin' wrong with a pop of plum!)

(Crate and Barell)

Aren't these West Elm cubes fun?! I keep brainstorming a little IKEA hack to make a look-a-like. Hmmm...the possibilities.

I've got to work one of these into my living room somehow:)

On a side note: Is anyone in Utah going to the Acorn's Antique Show tomorrow or Sunday? I'm dying to get there, but I don't think its going to happen:( I've heard its so great!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To Refinish A Crib

Ya know, even after posting about Owen's Nursery twice, I forgot to mention that we re-painted his crib (when I say "we", I mean Trevor...I may have been very pregnant at the time..good excuse?). We ran into a few hiccups, so I thought this post might be helpful to someone considering re-finishing their crib.

We started out with this:

Our goal was to go white, we used my forever favorite Behr- Swiss Coffee (I just had the store mix it as a no VOC paint).

1. Use an electric sander (or you will be hating life) to sand the crib. Its A LOT of sanding. We actually burnt out our neighbor's sander in the process, oops!

2. Make sure all the dust is off, then using a paint sprayer, prime it (our paint store told us we didn't need to prime, so we didn't and the wood sucked the paint in, leaving it grainy). So...Trev re-sanded. Make sure you prime!!

3. When the primer is dry, apply the first coat of paint. Let dry completely.

4. Apply the second coat of paint. Let dry.

5. We didn't add a "finish" to it but you could if you wanted to.

6. Let dry completely and you're good to go!

(Are you so sick of this picture?!)

I would say this is not a weekend project, more like a throughout a week project! My husband is a rock star! The end result is worth it, love my crib!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Upcoming Desk Change

I've been debating where to put our computer now that the third bedroom is a nursery. It has sat in the corner of our bedroom for about a year now...and it needs to go. I thought I would save up for a cute desk, $200 or so, and put it in the living room. Then I saw Danielle's post, she skirted her computer desk and it looks so great! I am loving the hidden storage that the skirt creates. So I'm thinking.... I will use these as inspiration:

(Palmer Weiss via Charm Home)

And turn this bad boy into a beauty!
I wanted to cover the desktop in fabric as well and put glass on it but that would cost me between $50 and $70 (not happening). I will however be painting the top of the desk (wish me luck, I heard laminate is not easy to paint, but I did find a tutorial) Stay tuned!

P.S.... look at my cute boy with his dragon valentine box. He and my mom made it, Will was thrilled!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fabric Resources

I'm in a rut! I so badly want to move forward on my living room and get projects going while I save up money for a couch. But I can't wrap my brain around what fabrics to incorporate or exactly what colors to do. I thought I had it figured out, but as usual my mind keeps changing:)

As I have scoured the internet for the "perfect" fabric, I've come across some really great textile websites, thought I would share.

Online Fabric Store- I've done some comparison shopping with this one. They have pretty good deals.

(Waverly Chippnedale $6.90/yd)

House Fabric - You've got to dig a little here


Fabric Guru - I kind of love this site, there are some treasures to be found!

(Eastwick Pottery)

Warehouse Fabrics Inc.- I've been thinking about this one for living room panels

(Hampstead Ebony $10.98/yd)

Beautiful Fabrics- Filled with AMAZING textiles, just a little out of my price range:)

(Kenna Surf)

(Jammer Mojo)

Lewis and Sheron Textile Co. -Some way fun fabrics at really reasonable prices!

(cross section $10.98/yd)


Hopefully there are a few sites here that you aren't familiar with. If your like me you need new resources from time to time:)