Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Window Treatment Dilemma

Will and Charlie's room has basically been "done" for about a year. Done, except for the windows.... I can't decide if I should do roman shades or panels.

(You can see the details of their gallery wall here.)

I have been leaning towards roman shades because panels would be partially blocked by the bunk bed. But that window is really big, I've never personally seen a roman shade that large and I'm not sure if it would function properly.

Let's say I decide on a roman, should I do the stripe that is also on the duvet covers and bench? I like rooms that have a repeated statement fabric. Or do I go more neutral and simple with the light tan and add a chocolate brown stripe?

I want to use Jenny's roman shade tutorial from LGN, and I could do it for around $10 because I already own the fabric options. (They've been sitting, waiting for me to make a decision)

Or should I scrap the roman shades and just do the IKEA Lenda panels trimmed in the chocolate ribbon?

I would really appreciate any of your feedback or suggestions. So ready to be done with this room! :)


  1. Although I don't think you could really go wrong with any of your choices my vote is for panels with chocolate ribbon(or red would look good too). Such a cute room. What is the wall color?

  2. Hmm, the drapes I think. :-) Maybe too many stripes already, no?

  3. I would agree with Bernadette, the IKEA Lenda panels trimmed in the chocolate ribbon would complement the room or you could choice any colour from the comforters on the bed to trim the panels?

  4. I'm thinking too many stripes as well, but they would be up during the day. If Roman shades I'd do 2 side by side vs. one large one. Besides the other option just sounds so easy and cute!