Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thinking Green!

As I go back and forth about what color/fabric direction to go for my living room, I keep coming back to the foundation of my house: green, black and white. Here are some of my favorite options for layering greens:

I'm pretty sure this one is calling my name!

(all of the above: Beautiful Fabric)

A little subdued.
Loving the texture and color variance of this chenille.

(Above: Fabric Guru)

An outdoor fabric that could stand up to my 3 boys!

(House Fabric)

So much fun!

(Premier Prints)

I can picture quite a few of these in my living room, especially on the charcoal grey sofa that I have my eye on:)

We're headed to Disneyland this weekend! See you back here on Tuesday!

1 comment:

  1. Love the outdoor fabric. And yes, it'd be a great choice with kids. I saw a couch on CL with outdoor fabric but the guy won't call me back. Drives me insane!!

    Have fun in Disneyland:)