Thursday, February 10, 2011

Saving Up!

After much deliberation, I decided its save up for a couch:) Totally weird that its a hard decision, but saving for something that big takes time and I kind of like to get moving on things. Have you ever seen the Nate Berkus Show where he creates a room for people as they save $30 a week? Well, that's me, saving $30 a week, hence the slow process:)

Trevor's parents let us have their old couch when we got married 81/2 years ago, and its still the star of our living room. That thing is comfortable! I'm on my third PB loose fit slipcover, which have been great. But I swear its like making a bed to get the couch to look nice and tidy every day.
Anywho, enough of the ramblings here is what I'm liking in the way of couches:

The IKEA Extorp was first on my list, #1 because of the price, #2 because I can get it in either white (which I can bleach) or gray which won't show dirt. I was a lot disappointed when I sat on it the other day at the store to find that it wasn't comfortable at all. Was it just the floor model? Does anyone have this couch?

Next on my list are the Linden Street Friday couches from JcPenney. Great price, love the velvet slip cover in stone to add a little texture. Also love the twill one in khaki. The reviews are all really good!

And last but not least, how cute is this Carolina Girl couch? The shape is perfect, I even love the pinstripe and don't think I would tire of it because its so neutral, and the nail head trim is "the" finishing touch. Can you just imagine my boys on here with a bowl of greasy popcorn?! Yeah, its beautiful but not practical:)

Wish me luck as I scrimp and save!


  1. Hey found you through Danielle. Love your style, girl! I too am wanting a new couch. You should totally check out Craigslist. You can score big time on there! I check everyday:) Good luck! Love the blog btw.

  2. Hey there! I stumbled upon your blog via! I am currently sitting on my VERY comfy ektorp sofa! The floor model is atrocious compared to the real product! My mom sat on it in-store and I was like ummm...this is SUPER hard! I will say, even my purchased version was a little on the firm side at first. It honestly only took a week for it to feel lived in. I actually slept the whole night on it during the first week I had it. Now that I am married and have two dogs, it is even more comfy! My pug and dachshund/beagle mix love the couch as much as my husband and I! I bought it in white since it was cheapest (I bought it when I got my first apartment.) It cleans REALLY well! I wash the whole set once a month and it is holding up wonderfully! It even came completely clean when my husband decided to play frisbee with a plastic plate and knock over my little sister's RED drink! The carpet didn't clean well, but the couch cover came out spotless!

    Anyway, if you do decide you like the ektorp couch, don't pass on it because the floor model is stiff! I love this couch!


  3. Angela,

    Thank you so much! So good to know. I was thinking they can't be THAT uncomfortable. It makes me think I could possibly do white with my 3 boys

  4. Hi Katie! We have the Linden Street Friday couches from JcPenney!! Come on over and check them out if you like.