Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Upcoming Desk Change

I've been debating where to put our computer now that the third bedroom is a nursery. It has sat in the corner of our bedroom for about a year now...and it needs to go. I thought I would save up for a cute desk, $200 or so, and put it in the living room. Then I saw Danielle's post, she skirted her computer desk and it looks so great! I am loving the hidden storage that the skirt creates. So I'm thinking.... I will use these as inspiration:

(Palmer Weiss via Charm Home)

And turn this bad boy into a beauty!
I wanted to cover the desktop in fabric as well and put glass on it but that would cost me between $50 and $70 (not happening). I will however be painting the top of the desk (wish me luck, I heard laminate is not easy to paint, but I did find a tutorial) Stay tuned!

P.S.... look at my cute boy with his dragon valentine box. He and my mom made it, Will was thrilled!


  1. Great idea for your desk! SO happy to have found your blog...we have a lot in common!

  2. Ooh...can't wait to see what you come up with! I love the look of a skirted desk.

  3. wonderful idea for your desk! greetings from Germany

  4. Loved the 2nd desk gold w/glass top! How fun--the perfect solution. Will you move the desk or keep it where it is currently?

    I especially love the picture of my WB! Glad he was so proud.