Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To Refinish A Crib

Ya know, even after posting about Owen's Nursery twice, I forgot to mention that we re-painted his crib (when I say "we", I mean Trevor...I may have been very pregnant at the time..good excuse?). We ran into a few hiccups, so I thought this post might be helpful to someone considering re-finishing their crib.

We started out with this:

Our goal was to go white, we used my forever favorite Behr- Swiss Coffee (I just had the store mix it as a no VOC paint).

1. Use an electric sander (or you will be hating life) to sand the crib. Its A LOT of sanding. We actually burnt out our neighbor's sander in the process, oops!

2. Make sure all the dust is off, then using a paint sprayer, prime it (our paint store told us we didn't need to prime, so we didn't and the wood sucked the paint in, leaving it grainy). So...Trev re-sanded. Make sure you prime!!

3. When the primer is dry, apply the first coat of paint. Let dry completely.

4. Apply the second coat of paint. Let dry.

5. We didn't add a "finish" to it but you could if you wanted to.

6. Let dry completely and you're good to go!

(Are you so sick of this picture?!)

I would say this is not a weekend project, more like a throughout a week project! My husband is a rock star! The end result is worth it, love my crib!


  1. Perfect! Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Hi, what color is on the wall in the nursery? love it. The crib looks great!