Monday, February 7, 2011

Mom's Office Makeover/Guest Post!

I'm guest posting over at Lovely Happenings today, on 3 things that make me smile! Check out Megan's blog, this girl has an eye for all things stylish!

I wanted to share with you the waiting room in my mom's office that she and I decorated awhile ago, it was in desperate need of some help. I wish I had before pics because although it had good "bones" the furniture and decor was literally straight from my grandma's house. We kept the paint, crown molding and carpet. Here is the end result. (These pictures didn't turn out super great,I think it actually looks better in person)

My mom is a marriage and family therapist, so we wanted it to feel kind of "spa like" and relaxing while still being a waiting room. We used an olivey sage green, steel blue and a buttery cream, and paired it with dark wood. I love that mirror from Ballard Designs (when my mom gets tired of things she "gifts" them to me. I'll cross my fingers:).
She custom ordered the couch and chair at a local furniture store and found a lot of the accessories there as well. Don't be afraid when buying furniture to ask what their best price is, or find accessories you like in the store and see if they can cut you a deal if you buy those as well. It usually works to save you at least a little bit of money.

We found the art above the chairs at Shopko and the vases and tray on the console at TJ Maxx. Pier One also had some goodies that we displayed on the coffee and side tables.

I think my mom's waiting room turned out great. And I know her clients have appreciated a space that they can relax in. Mission accomplished!

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  1. I haven't been in a waiting room that was that nice & relaxing! Way to go.