Friday, February 18, 2011

Still Diggin' the Cube

I don't know what it is but I really want a cube in my living room. I just think they are kind of classy, but fun and modern all at the same time. And they aren't your typical coffee table.

I am in love with this living room! First of all, if I were gutsy I would do an awesome colored couch like that. Second of all, the contrast between the white chair and green couch, perfection. Third, I always thought I needed two cubes, not anymore, this beauty speaks for itself.

(Domino via Pure Style Home)

Don't you love a room that looks effortlessly pulled together, like they put their favorite pieces in a space and it just works. That's what I hope to achieve in my new living room.

Still my favorites! Now I am picturing any one of these in front of my couch.

(Nothin' wrong with a pop of plum!)

(Crate and Barell)

Aren't these West Elm cubes fun?! I keep brainstorming a little IKEA hack to make a look-a-like. Hmmm...the possibilities.

I've got to work one of these into my living room somehow:)

On a side note: Is anyone in Utah going to the Acorn's Antique Show tomorrow or Sunday? I'm dying to get there, but I don't think its going to happen:( I've heard its so great!


  1. What a well-put-together room. I'm feelin' the Ikea hack too. You could totally do it!

  2. i'll totally cruise down to ogden with you if you want?? kade gets home from a scout campout (crazy boys in snow) at one on saturday....let me know, i'm game if you want to! i'd love to pick your brain on more home re-dos for my pad! :) i'll call and get a uhaul reserved asap!

  3. That green sofa is really great and the cube does seem versatile.
    Mary Ann