Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Antique Sale

I wasn't going to head to the Antique Sale this weekend, mostly because I wanted to make sure I save my money for a couch. Good discipline, right? My friend Katie tempted me to go with her and I'm so glad I did, mostly because catching up with her was beyond fun! The antique sale however....not as great. Because I'd never been to this particular sale before I was a little shocked at some of the price tags, a lot of my shock could have very well been because I don't know a lot about collectibles.

This little mustard frame had so much character to it, but the $58 price tag was a little hard to swallow.

Such fun, fresh colors to inspire a kitchen!

How adorable would this quilt be worked into a little girl's room?

The colors in these books screamed nursery or vintage meets modern kids' room. When the guy told me they were $35, I said, "For the set?" That's when he and a guy passing by had a good laugh at me. "You can have the set for $200," he says. "Oh, ok".....we moved onto the next booth. See, I guess I just don't know the value of stuff. I am however, an avid Pawn Stars and American Pickers watcher:)

This footstool was killin' us with its cuteness, and the whole booth had great finds at awesome prices. Not to mention the people running it were darling!($20!, wish I had somewhere for it)

Anyone ever heard of Vaseline Glass? Apparently it glows with a black light behind it...they even had music playing in the booth to set the mood:)

Needless to say, I was able to save my couch money and not make any purchases:) Hope you are enjoying your President's Day, ours is filled with snow!


  1. i am a pawn star and pickers watcher too! we love it. I adore that stool, and i am pretty sure i need that vase! so cute~ where was this antique sale at?? i would love to go to one of these

  2. Hi Sharstin!

    That is too funny, Pawn Stars and Pickers is a family event for us! The antique sale was in Ogden, Utah. I think they do one the middle of May as well.

  3. Your blog is too cute, Love all these finds! I really really really want that amazing stool. to die for. Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog- I love my coffee tables too :-)