Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inspiration and Help

Hi guys! It's good to be back, although part of me for sure could have enjoyed California for a few more days. My boys had never been to Disneyland and it was so much fun to see the looks on their faces after each ride, even when we were sopping wet (dang rain!). It makes for fun memories, right? They also loved gathering sea shells, as it was their first time to the ocean. Good times were had!
I just noticed that you can't even see Owen's face, sorry buddy:(

On a decorating note: Am I the only one whose DIY projects take forever? I swear I was on a roll with my desk skirt, and then I had to get laundry done and packed for vacation and I haven't touched it since. My goal for this week is to get that thing finished (maybe if I put it in writing I'll be more accountable:).

Am I also the only one who seeks out ideas and inspiration for future projects when my current project isn't complete? Kind of the story of my life. Which brings me to my mid century dresser turned media console, which I love! But I've got a lot of brown happening on that side of the room. On each side of it sit my brown leather club chairs that aren't going anywhere anytime soon. So I keep brainstorming ways to break up the color over there.

This room inspired me to use a mid century piece for my TV. As usual, I love the old mixed with all the new. She used styrofoam light medallions to make the collage on the wall. Kinda cute!

(Decor Pad)

AMAZING paint job! I've wondered about painting the top, frame and legs white and staining the drawers.
(Design Sponge)

All white is an option. This one is gorgeous! I think I want to keep at least some wood visible though.
(Project Pretty)

And of course Young House Love dominates with this killer re-do!

This one is a little bright for what I have in mind. But doesn't it make you smile? The top and sides are covered in contact paper.
(Decor Scout)

So...what do you think I should do with my piece? I need some serious help:)


  1. since you adore the wood, you could just stain it to polish it up a bit. maybe paint the top white, and add some chevron stripes? good luck!

  2. I think the two-tone effect would look cool. White on the outside? Good luck finishing your projects. I can totally relate. Always starting something, not finishing it, and on to the next thing!