Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

Owen and I headed out in search of treasures on Monday, while the big boys were in school, and I tell you what...the DI (Utah's "goodwill") did not disappoint! In fact, I feel as though I need to make a weekly visit just to re-experience the adrenaline rush:)

This dresser reminded me of the campaign style.

Hello cutest side table that is really meant to be an old sewing machine table.

If I would have had a large enough space for this funky lamp base, it would have come home with me.

And this one, such great detail!

How adorable would this changing table be in a bright lacquer?!

This gal would be a babe in the right space!

So what did come home with me you ask?!

This little guy, I loved the lines. My intention is, of course, to re-paint and re-cover, and perhaps use as my desk chair or in my entry. We'll see...he might spend some time downstairs waiting for the perfect home. But at $8, he's definitely a keeper.

And this beauty is my new living room coffee table!! Kind of odd? Yes. A little ornate? Very much so. Totally awesome and unique? You better believe it!

I plan on accenting with gold in the space, and wanted something that didn't visually take up a lot of space. Although this piece is wrought iron and scrolly, it doesn't feel "heavy". In my head it will be perfect! We'll see:) Did I mention it was just $15 and it excellent condition? Bonus!

My friends, I'm not messin' around when I say adrenaline rush! Get to your local thrift store so you can feel it! (ok, seriously...pretty much...I'm a dork!) And, I just busted out the Roger Rabbit and Running Man in front of all the teenage girls at my church, while singing Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now". Do I have no shame?!


  1. I love the rush too! Ya can't beat it! Good finds. Love the coffee table. Can't wait to see it in your living room:)

  2. I love that you wrote about last night! So funny! We really are dorks...hope the girls appreciated it:) And hopefully our sweet singing and dance moves will NOT make it on to youtube!

  3. i love you katie! I can picture it now... girls camp will never be the same without you. You make me want to head to DI immediately. How come I never find those finds when I visit??
    Maybe I need to borrow your eyes.

  4. Apparently you have no shame. You definitely take after Grandma Webb! (which is a great thing btw). I'm having a little deja vu' or trip down memory lane with your finds. I swear it's the 60s again. I do trust your taste though. Love, Mom

  5. great finds girly! have no doubt you will make them look amazing!