Monday, March 7, 2011

Meet My New Desk!

It still needs a little color in the form of some trim, but I'm quite pleased with the way my skirted desk turned out. And I can't wait to add a fun lamp, and desk accessories!

Remember what it looked like before?

I started by sanding with a "fine" sand paper, just to take the finish off.

Then, I rolled on two coats of primer made to cover laminate.

I was glad I checked with my local paint store before I bought anything, he recommended these so the paint would adhere and not peel. So far, so good.

Two coats of paint and and acrylic spray (to protect against water), and my desk was lookin' good!

I used $3.47/yard fabric to sew the skirt and I even added inverted pleats at the corners! I was seriously stoked, I've never sewn a pleat in my life, I think they turned out pretty great!

I made the skirt in two pieces so that I can put the keyboard in the pull out drawer. The problem is that I measured wrong and they didn't quite touch. Oops! No worries, I just added a piece down the middle. Seems to work just fine.

So excited to doll it up and make it part of our living room:)


  1. Looks awesome! Great work:)

  2. Wow! I really wish I could sew, so many great projects out there... like this one!! I saw someone else do this and they added a pretty blue ribbon band around the bottom... such a fun fun project. Great job!!!!