Friday, March 25, 2011

In The Market For A Sofa?

I've been so excited about couches since I discovered Klaussner Home Furnishings! I'm on a fairly limited budget with my sofa purchase, but I wasn't willing to sacrifice style of comfort. It seems like all of the "big box" furniture stores haven't quite had what I've envisioned for my living room. I was pretty set on the IKEA Extorp couch in charcoal, but wasn't sure about the comfyness. I headed into Palmer Home Furnishings in Logan, my friend decorates model homes and gets a lot of her stuff through them. I described what I had in mind and the guy gave me a Klaussner catalog to look through. I fell in love with a few of their pieces and the price points were VERY reasonable. Not too mention the one Klaussner I sat on was really comfortable! Here are a few of my favorites that you can customize.

This one is classic, and calling my name.

Two at the foot of a bed, or as a coffee cute!

Looks like a Pottery Barn sofa to me...without the Pottery Barn price.

I'm feelin' this style for my house, not too modern but just enough.

LOVE, that's all.

An ottoman that could be a great accent piece

This is a sprawl out and take a nap couch, for sure.

Super fun color to add to a bedroom or office, and the lines of this chair are perfection!I don't know why I'm all stoked on these furniture pieces, I think its just refreshing to see great style that's comfortable and affordable!

Have A Great Weekend Friends! :)


  1. Good luck narrowing your list! They all look amazing.

  2. oh these are all fantastic! i need to check this joint out~ can't wait to see what you choose! happy weekend girly!

  3. Buying new furniture is the best! Happy shopping!

  4. Sofa shopping can be SO tough!! It took us forever to settle on the PB Comfort sofa... which we splurged on WITH a sale and WITH a coupon :) Good luck!! xo

  5. I need a new love seat or possibly two chairs for our master bedroom. I am glad you posted this!