Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finding a Good Balance

Do you ever feel like your life is out of balance? Lots of good things going on, but nothing is in sync? That's kind of where I'm at right now. I honestly feel like I'm running in circles and nothing is being accomplished, its so frustrating! So, I've decided I'm going to publish blog posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for now. I'm hoping this will give me a little more time to get my house cleaned, be more on top of things with my boys, as well as tackle and complete more home projects to share with you. That is the goal!

Yesterday I was having one of those days, have you been there before? Feeling like a failure of a housekeeper, and a marginal at best parent? So, Will comes home from school and tells me that his friend told him that "your house scares me, and your mom never smiles"......AWESOME! That just sealed the deal. As a parent, I think most of us strive to make our homes inviting so that our kids and their friends will want to be there. The only thing I can think that he would be referring to is the disarray and mess that has been my home for the past 9 months. And frankly, it scares me too! As for me not smiling, I consider myself a pretty happy/smiley individual...maybe my being out of balance and stressed shows on my face. Anyways, it was pretty funny considering how I've been feeling lately:)

Thanks so much to all of you who read Cove Street. I hope you'll still join me Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because I truly LOVE blogging! And I hope to get going on my design "to do" list so that I can share some fun projects!


  1. I will still be reading. Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. Having 3 boys is a lot of work so try to cut yourself some slack and hopefully a little extra time is all you need to get back in balance.

  2. I'm totally with ya, girl. I feel like my house is always a bomb! But all we can do is keep trying. One day we'll all be perfect little housewives. HA! I've found just tackling one thing at a time works for me. Hang in there and keep up the great work you're doing.

  3. Katie, its so good to hear someone else having the same was definitely one of those days. And your house?? I don't know what you are talking about. No worries about Gavin making such comments. I think he would rather be at your house than ours:)

  4. it is good to hear other people admit to defeat, but I would never think of you as the scary mom. - Gotta love those "honest" kids! I will look forward to your M,W,F posts. : )