Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I love absolutely everything about living in a smaller community, everything except interior design resources. I'm in need of 1/2 yard of fabric to put on this bad boy. (He's kind of cute, right?, $5 mind you) My mom's reading this, thinking, "another DI find...." :)

Joann's was a ST-rike, and I'm guessing Hobby Lobby might be as well (I'll probably check tomorrow), that's pretty much it folks, those are our stores for home decorator fabrics. So I'll wait until I can get down to SLC on Friday, and hope that Home Fabrics has some goods.

I decided kind of spur of the moment to do a quick re-vamp of my entry way. Just spruce a few things up and bring in some new accessories. My goal is to only spend $30 and have it done by next Tuesday. Here is me playing around with the placement, etc.
I've decided I need more gold things in my life, it just warms up a space.

P.S. Seriously...he makes my day!


  1. I think the bamboo stool is gonna look sa-weet when you're finished with it. I have something similar that I want to paint. I love that chest in your entryway. Perfect scale and oh so cute!

  2. Oh. My...that Owen is beyond adorable!! LOVE HIM!