Friday, March 11, 2011

Back to the Olioboard!

Last night I found Olioboard. An awesome site that lets you create your own mood board with images from the internet as well as your own files. Best part...its free! I've been wanting to put my thoughts for my living room all together, cause ya know how sometimes it looks a lot different than you had envisioned? This, my friends, was one of those times. Seriously...NOT coming together like I had planned!

Living Room

It's cool, we're totally good, just glad I did this before I went ahead and ordered fabric. Phew! I'll try again with a little different approach and see if it gels better:)

Happy Friday, hope your weekend is grand!


  1. Sweet--thanks for sharing this resource. I've been wanting to put a mood board together but had no idea where to start. This is awesome! And good luck with the living room. You'll get it together, I just know it:)

  2. It's almost there! I'll have to try olio board...looks like it might be way easier than my current method of mood boarding :)