Friday, April 15, 2011

Madison's Allsaints Bedroom

Madison's Room

My 17 year old sister-in-law Madison, whom I love and adore, gets to re-do her bedroom and asked me to help her create a space inspired by her favorite clothing store, Allsaints.

This place has simple yet totally complicated, asymmetrical clothing in neutral colors... and Madison totally rocks it! The stores are unique and kind of vintage, they definitely have a distinct vibe. Madi wanted something old and antique but with a little bling and a fresh twist. We took Allsaints as a starting point but lightened it up and added a little color. So here we have it folks!

A few details of what we have in mind:

The wall color will be a medium charcoal w/ white trim.

We are going to use mostly all of her existing furniture, except for the new upholstered headboard in linen (or a similar look) with nail head trim. This will be a little DIY:)

Allsaints has a bunch of antique sewing machines in their store, so we will purchase some pics from etsy and frame them in gold.

One of their logos includes a ram head, which inspired an animal head above the bed. Madi ended up loving the gray deer print so to keep things consistent we'll go with a deer above the bed. Doesn't my Madison have good taste?!

Can't wait to get started and show you the results!


  1. That is an awesome bedroom !!! I can't wait to see the results! So cool and chic, never seen one like it ( I thought I'd seen everything by now?)

  2. I love it. What a cool and stylish SIL you have:)

  3. They had that store in Boston. The decor is amazing...especially all those sewing machines!

  4. I can't wait to see it put together!! You make a great team!!