Thursday, March 28, 2013

Old With New

The first room to be nearly "finished" in this house is the living room, which is a good thing seeing that its the first thing you see when you walk in.  I used most of what I had in our only living room in our last house, but added a few gems.

I love mixing old with new.  I feel like a house can get feeling too "perfect" or showroom  (not in all cases) without adding some vintage somethings in there.  Making sense??  I have a love of vintage landscapes, and just vintage paintings for that matter.  And I have an even huger love of a good gallery wall.  This is my vintage landscape wall so far with all that I've accumulated.  I'm thinking eventually I'll go up with it.  My favorite sources are local antique stores which my valley has two very good ones, etsy, and a boutique that my friend Mindee and I went to a few years ago.  That largest one cost me $7!!  And I leaned it, because it worked better size wise and I didn't want it too perfect.  I think the most expensive one was like $26 from etsy.

So get to it, add something old!!  It seriously is so fun to hunt in these antique stores or even on etsy for that matter.  I found this $9 bench at what my mother in law and I refer to as the junk store.  Its been in my boys' room with a stripe and now I did a quick re-cover for my entry area.

 I think I might always love a good toille.

And I might always love a $40 ghost chair with an ikea sheepy rug on it.  Mix, whats better than a mix??!!

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  1. My word - I love every single thing about your style. It looks amazing!