Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Skirted Desk...

 This beauty was bought 5 years ago for like 30 bucks on sale at Staples, it served its purpose hidden in a room where no one would see it.  Fast forward and we are  living in a new to us house with the computer desk smack dab in the front window of the first room you see in our home.


I always thought I would just buy something new and more stylish, but then the functionality of what I really needed set in.  Cute, wide/deep enough for a full on desk top computer, and somewhere to store the computer tower, printer, speakers, paper.  And I didn't want something "heavy" feeling.

I've always loved the look of a skirted desk and that seemed like my best option.  So along the lines of "working with what you've got"  I used this tutorial, but added a back skirt, and had my local glass store cut a glass top.  Kinda lovin' the results.  And for less than $150 bucks ($50 for fabric and $90 for the glass), I'm super happy.  Don't get me wrong $150 is A lot of $$$ to me, but the alternative of buying something new that fit what I needed was actually....non existent, I couldn't even  find what I needed, so I made it!  Iphone pics not the greatest, but do the job for now :)


  1. Wow...love it! I'm totally diggin' the skirted table look lately. Well done.

  2. Great solution! Love a skirted desk :)

  3. This is amazing! So beautiful.